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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is winding down. after wrapping up four days of testimony from the former governor, defense lawyers representing his wife, maureen, are now presenting their case. peggy fox was in the courtroom. she has more now from richmond. hi, peggy. >> reporter: hey, andrea. the mcdonnells' oldest child just wrapped up her testimony. they drinked perhaps one of the most helpful -- delivered perhaps one of the most helpful
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statements to her parents' defense. she and her husband received a $10,000 check from jonnie williams. she was asked by the attorney when did you return that check. she said, quote, once we realized jonnie williams was a criminal. so she was the second witness on the stand today. the first witness this morning was a good friend of maureen's who traveled with the first lady and jonnie williams on his plane. she thought they were going straight to utah for an event but he diverted them on a flight and took them to california first for an anatabloc event and surprised maureen by asking her to speak at t. she said jonnie and maureen appeared to be long- time friends and that they shared an interest. she said she was very gullible and not happy living in a mansion, that she had zero privacy and one time the butler walked in on her in her
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underwear. >> were they long-time friends? can you say more about that? >> i really have nothing to say. >> you described her as being very anxious and nervous. can you comment on it. >> reporter: how about the fact you said she was gullible and trust something. >> i really have no comment. >> we still have a ways to go but we're at the end and that's good for all of us. >> reporter: is it a relief to be off the stand, governor? >> yeah, i think i did the very best to tell the truth and our side of the case. we still have more to go, though. >> reporter: yesterday you said you were maybe looking to repair that relationship. what would you have to say about her defense today? >> i can't comment on that, peggy. we'll have to see how they put on that evidence today. >> reporter: how do you feel
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about your relationship? >> i feel good. >> reporter: anything you want to say about your mom and her defense today? >> i love my mom very much. >> reporter: that was another daughter of the mcdonnells but jeanine made headway for the defense. she found jonnie williams to be very flamboyant and said he loved to talk about his money, was very generous and talked about anatabloc. she said she thought her mother had a, quote, mild obsession with jonnie williams. testimony continues today. we're looking for closing arguments perhaps by the end of today. if not today, maybe tomorrow. i'm peggy fox, wusa9. we have a commuter alert for motorists in upper west d.c. a repaving project is snarling traffic on connecticut avenue. it was first believed the work would take place during the overnight hours for three straight nights, but workers are continuing the operation
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24/7 until the job is double. road -- is double. road crews are working on the northbound lanes of connecticut avenue between east-west highway and the district line. weather permitting, the operation should shift to the southbound lanes on friday. right now dr. melissa wisner is answering your questions live. you can log in right now and chat directly with the doctor. later on in this newscast, we'll have her colleague of inova children's hospital live here in the studio to talk more about how to keep your kids healthy throughout the school year. so definitely check in with dr. wisner at web week. -- at an american held hostage in syria for 22 months is back home this afternoon in boston. peter theo curtis is thanking negotiators who helped gain his freedom. brian webb has more. >> reporter: he says he's touched beyond words by the
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warm welcome and the effort it took to free him from captivity. >> in the days following my release on sunday, i have learned bit by bit that there have been literally hundreds of people brave, determined and big hearted people all over the world working for my release. >> reporter: the 45-year-old journalist arrived at newark airport in new jersey on a flight from tel aviv. he connected to logan international airport in boston where he reunited with his mother and learned of the extensive negotiations for his release. >> now having found out, i'm just overwhelmed with emotion. i'm also overwhelmed by one of the things and that is that total strangers have been coming up to me and saying hey, we're just glad you're home. welcome home. glad you're back. glad you're safe. >> reporter: curtis was kidnapped in 2012 and was being held in syria by militants with al qaeda ties. he was handed over to the united nations peacekeepers this past sunday and then over to american officials following a medical exam.
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curtis' parents praised the negotiators who helped bring their son to freedom. the state department said it reached out to more than two dozen countries to ask for help with his release. brian webb for cbs news. an arizona gun instructor is dead following a tragic accident. it happened when a 9-year-old girl being taught how to fire an uzi lost control of the weapon. vinita nair has more. >> the gun won't fire, okay? >> reporter: in this video released by the mohave county sheriff's office, the girl is shown moments before the incident standing next to the instructor as he shows her how to use the weapon. >> go ahead. give one shot. all right. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said their investigation determined that the girl pulled the trigger on the automatic uzi. the recoil sent the gun over her head and the victim was shot. 39-year-old charms vacca, father and war veteran was airlifted to las vegas medical center but didn't survive his
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injuries. the bullets -- the gun range has been operating for years and they never have had an incident like this. >> our guys are trained to basically hover over people whether they're shooting. you know, if shooting right- handed, we have the right hand behind them ready to push the weapon out of the way and if they're left handed, the sail thing. >> reporter: investigators say no laws were broken. in arizona it's up to the gun range to permit minors to fire a gun. they have already changed their regulations since the incident. shooters will be required to be 5 feet tall or 12 years of age. vinita nair, cbs news. the laws do not apply on private property or if the minor is accompanied by a parent or certified instructor as in this case.
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the brand new turfs arrived on campus this morning to move into -- [indiscernible] they can check in between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. freshmen are encouraged to move in now and saturday since the terps take on james madison at home. the campus was already abuzzed. >> i hope i get settled in and meet a lot of people. i know it's not as many as there's going to be but i'm just really excited. there's like a feeling of anticipation. >> classes start a the university of maryland on september 2. a third person has been killed by a riptide in ocean city. the beach patrol says the 18- year-old victim was overtaken by a wave yesterday around 6:00 p.m. there were no lifeguards on duty at the time. there's a lot of rough surf currently along east coast beaches and with summer winding down, there are fewer lifeguards on the beach. that's why rescuers at atlantic beach in north carolina are
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reminding swimmers if they get caught in a riptide, don't fight the current. swim out of it sideways. >> it's very difficult to rescue a struggling swimmer yourself. the key to try and provide assistance to someone is to provide them lotation. we like to say flotation, flotation, flotation because there's many things you can find out here at the beach that can be used for that. >> rescuers say swimming around jetties and piers may increase the risk of getting caught in a riptide. weather alert -- no weather alert days now but we may need them as we head toward the labor day holiday weekend as the heat and humidity are going to build. the heat and humidity building today. there's a front back in ohio, western new york, northwestern pennsylvania. out ahead of it very quiet and heating up. a sliver of clouds from winchester, westminster. that's about it. lots of sunshine and lots of temperatures already into the
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lower 80s. we're up to 84. low 80s in the shenandoah valley. cumberland also 84 and 83 in washington. it's going to be a hot and humid afternoon. thinking about any relief? probably not going to see much in the the way of shower or thunderstorm activity even though there's a front coming except for the mountains of west virginia, northern maryland perhaps as well and part offed shenandoah -- parts of the shenandoah valley as well. 92 at reagan national. easton 89. many of you in the upper 80s. we get a little break tomorrow and friday, but the weekend into labor day looks very much like the heart of summer which hasn't been that summery. i'll have the full seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, howard. we've been talking a lot about back to school and staying healthy this school year. dr. melissa wisner of inova is answering your questions live at her colleague is joining us here. he is a pediatrician at inova children's hospital. doctor, thank you very much for being here with us. i think one of the biggest
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concerns we've been talking about is the sleep schedule for young children. they've been on vacation all this time. sleeping in late, getting up late. how do you get them back into their normal sleep schedule? >> andrea, gently. that's the word. medically, we will tell people that their best sleep, children and adults, too, will be when it's dark. i mean, we're meant to sleep when melatonin goes up. the light seems to decrease melatonin. darkness help it is come out so you sleep better at night. but when you're in the phase of sleeping in for a few weeks, we gently try to edge those morning wake times earlier and earlier. so to work on the morning rather than the night. just try to get them up, get them up and they should naturally start feeling sleepier in the evening. >> we are in daylight savings so it's not dark early enough for them to start getting back to sleep.
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how much sleep do the children need and does it vary by age level? >> sure does. a newborn can sleep 22 hours a day. all through your life, your sleep quantities slowly today minutish. the good rem sleep, the sleep you really want, children guest the most of it. we get not so much. at any rate, children need larger apartments, longer -- larger amounts, longer sleep times. they should be going to bed earlier and naturally getting up. seasonally. they're sleeping when it's dark and awake when it's light. adolescents, they're changing and don't need quite as much sleep. >> i know the superintendent is a proponent of starting the day later. we'll talk more about that but later in the 5:00 newscast, experts from inova will be on hand to answer more questions for your family concerning back- to-school health. the phone lines will be open starting at 4:45 p.m. we'll also have a package
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discussion right here in our -- panel discussion right here in our studio. those doctors will be talking everything from school sports,
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the university of southern california is investigating star football player josh shaw. he says he injured himself in an act of heroism but now there are doubts about that claim. ben tracy has more. >> reporter: usc cornerback josh shaw is in a position he knows well, on the defense. after practice tuesday, the coach said the school is investigating claims that his story of saving his nephew is not true. >> i only know what i know. josh is adamant with what occurred and we'll continue to vet some of the other stories that have come across our desk and our phones. >> reporter: shaw said he sprained boat of his ankles saturday jumping from a second
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floor balcony at an event to save his 7-year-old nephew who could not swim. he was called a hero but usc has received several phone calls that the story is not true. >> i've been told from people within the program they've heard there was possibly a domestic incident involving his girl friend at her apartment and that's how he got hurt and he didn't want that to be known publicly so then he created a cover story. >> reporter: the los angeles police department tells cbs this morning there was a reported burglary saturday night at his girlfriend's apartment and a man matching shaw's description was seen leaving through a balcony window but police insist shaw is not named as a suspect in their investigation. >> life doesn't always work out the way you planned. >> reporter: at this student athlete commencement ceremony this spring, josh shaw spoke about transferring from the university of florida to usc so he could help his family during
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a health crisis. >> finally, i give back to my parents who have always given me so much. >> josh shaw first and foremost is a good person. he's a good kid. i have no reason, no history to not believe josh and his story and what has occurred. >> reporter: josh shaw will not be on the field saturday for usc's first game. in fact, his entire season is now in jeopardy. for cbs this morning, ben tracy, los angeles. >> shaw was voted captain of the usc football team over the weekend and was expected to be a major contributor to the team th
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it is a hot, humid day under way here in the nation's capital. haven't hit 90 a lot this summer. in baltimore it's july 23 since they've been 90 at bwi. today we'll make a run for t. perhaps low 89s on -- for it. perhaps low 90s. 89 by 3:00. potentially 91 today with mid- 80s by 7:00. so it is going to be a warm evening. look at all the sunshine. a slight chance we'll get a thunderstorm this afternoon with the heat and humidity but it's pretty low here in the metro. even the mountains it's not that great but it is better. hot and humid this afternoon. we have a pleasantly warm thursday and friday because humidity levels will drop and temperatures in the 80s. friday looks fantastic. over the weekend the heat and humidity is coming back right through tuesday. it's going to feel every bit mid summer. highs 90-plus and the threat for the afternoon storms saturday through tuesday. show you some of the wide
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temperatures earlier. up to 85 in germantown and columbia at the moment. those are some of the warmest readings we've got with 81 for centreville. bowie is 84. on the bay north beach 82 and that's the same in alexandria. a little bit of haze in the air on our michael & son weather camera. a lot of sunshine. that's the key today. sunny skies, light winds. southeast at 5:00. -- at 5. feels more like 85 when you factor in the humidity out there. you have to factor it in because we've got it today. a front is coming. this front is going to slide south of us later tonight into tomorrow morning. behind it the air is a little cooler but also less humid. out ahead of it the warm southwesterly winds bringing in the heat but not that much in the way of moisture here. some storms in pennsylvania and in the mountains later this afternoon will try to move south. western maryland, western virginia potentially going to see a couple stomples here and there as op-- storms here and there as opposed to us. drier air moves in overnight.
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the tropics, we're still watching cristobal in the atlantic. this is an 80 mile an hour hurricane. may strengthen a little bit as it shoots between the u.s. east coast and bermuda but will not be a threat except for some waves and rip currents along the atlantic beaches. 91 today. late storm north and west, north of 70 and west of 81 is where it could happen. 70s tonight. low 60s outside the suburbs. beautiful on friday, about 85. here's the heat and humidity returning for the weekend into the holiday. highs 90-plus with the threat for the mainly afternoon storms. we'll be back with more in ju
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we have our pediatrician
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back. thanks again for being with us. there's still time. if parents haven't had their children vaccinated, they need to get it done now before school starts tuesday. >> exactly. preventive medicine at its best. there's a reason to get the vaccines done before into the schools where there's a large group of children that they're in contact with. vaccines are the way to go. vaccines are a very emotional aspect, especially for a pediatrician. when i get people who say no, i don't think we want vaccines, i'll think to myself emotionally, really? you really don't want vaccinations? and then when i think more rationally, i have to think, look, i'm professional. they're coming to me to want my opinion so i need to make sure that i respect their opinion and that if we disagree, ha doesn't warrant disrespect. so i need to try to respect their viewpoint and gently newtly persuade -- neutrally
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persuade them why vaccines are good. ebola, h.i.v. , people yearn for vaccines to prevent that illness. >> we've seen the reemergence of some diseases right here in our own country. >> exactly. >> dr. baugh, thank you very much for being here. that's the kind of doctor on call we'll have later today during our 5:00 p.m. newscast. experts from inova will be on hand to answer more questions from your family. phone lines will open at 4:45. we'll have a panel in our studio talking about anxieties and more. we're always on 24/7 web week. have a great -- have a great afternoon.
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>> murphy: it's gonna be a hell
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of a day. >> jill: yeah, especially when you tell me exactly what we're doing here, murphy. >> cane: okay, what do you mean? >> lily: yeah, i thought we were here to mark the anniversary of her passing. >> jill: well, according to murphy, katherine has some instructions from the great beyond, and she intends to deliver them herself. >> murphy: wonderful seeing you two again. >> lily: you, too. >> cane: you, too, murph. >> kevin: maybe you guys can get some informa o


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